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PRO-B 300

                SPEED AND ACCURACY

The optimal blocker that fits perfectly into your lab.


Ultra accurate design

  • Advanced optical system to trace the lens

     ‑ Optical tracing of even the most complex demo lenses, including half jacket.

     – Automatic binocular tracing in 3D up to base 9.

     – High precision patented tracing cycle with the acquisition of the frame bevel profile.

     – Advanced high-base cycle profile.

     – Simultaneous detection of drilling data and axis.

  • Center with a parallax free design
  • Block with a pressure control unit
  • Heavy duty tracing table as an option 

Blocking is easier with PRO-B 300

  • Large screen size
  • Shape and drilling libraries 
  • ChemistrieTMjob management
  • Centeringassistance
  • Automatic detection of centering marks
  • Ergonomic front loading of posiblock
  • No need to handle the lens while blocking
  • Compatibility with multiple posiblockdesigns and sizes
  • ChemistrieTM job preparation​

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