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Cornea 550


Cornea 550 results from a streamlined contact lens fitting process, and  an advance tear film analysis, all explained through valuable tools, which facilitate communication. 


Streamlined contact lens fitting process 

  • Precise evaluation of the corneal surface and wide variety of graphic presentations.
  • Rapid and easy selection of the best lens thanks to fluorescein image simulation and integrated database which includes lenses from 27 brands.
  • Dynamic and static capture of the pupil reaction according to light conditions (scotopic, photopic, mesopic).

Advanced tear film analysis for dry eye treatment 

  • Blue and white light image capture allowing real-time observation of the tear film clearance. 
  • Non-invasive measurement of the tear film break-up time (pictures and videos).
  • Meibography with color scale enabling evaluation of gland loss. 

Valuable tool to facilitate communication 

  • Efficient way to share information thanks to the wide and high defi nition screen.
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-understand graphic representations to enhance your expertise. 

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