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6 new ways to make your working day easier

Essibox is a data exchange platform designed for an optical practises daily overall organisation. It connects different pieces of equipment to each other and has them work as a team, saving time, reducing sources of mistakes and making exchanges easier. It is open and able to interface with any management software, measuring system or refraction equipment, meeting global communication standards. It is open-ended and unlocks the doors to many services, including remote maintenance, assembly assistance and database access, everything it takes to keep pace with the profession’s future and enhance your expertise on a daily basis.


Essibox is a revolutionary multi-function platform with six sides to face challenges on a daily basis which:

  • Guarantee continuous data transfers: collect and process information from a range of mechanical and computerised equipment (from taking measurements to cutting)
  • Blends in seamlessly with your existing organisation
  • Allows for the easy management of your jobs: your equipment will automatically transfer useful data (shape, prescription, height, PD, lens type, etc.)
  • Creates your own unique shapes and drilling patterns: more than just a simple modification tool, Essibox also includes a shape and drilling creation module with which you can give free range to your imagination.
  • Manages your “shapes & drilling patterns” databases: thanks to its unlimited storage capacity, Essibox enables you to create an archive of shapes and drilling models in complete freedom.
  • Optimises your machine usage

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