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M’eye Fit Touch

High quality measurement at the sales table

M’eye fit touch is a genuine device designed for Eye Care Professionals in search of a rapid and professional solution to take standard lens fitting parameters

  • All-in one solution enabling and rapid and accurate measurements
  • Measurement process fully integrated at the sales table
  • Easy sharing results with customers
  • Internal database
  • Ready for data exchanges with ordering systems and PMS


Fully integrated at sales table: Faced to your customer, precise measurements are achieved in two shots. No need for multiple angle shots or to raise the camera at the eye level.

Rapid and precise: In 2 shots, M’eye Fit Touch provides precise measurement of standard lens fitting parameters: pupillary distance, fitting heights, lens tilt, and vertex distance. A function to evaluate the reading distance is also included.

Portable and lightweight: Results are shared in a swivel: show patients how their eyes will look like with the chosen frames, use educational modules to show lens benefits.


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