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Specular 550

Automatic diagnosis of corneal endotheliopathies 

SPECULAR 550, non-contact specular microscope, simplifies visualization & analysis of the corneal endothelium with automatic centering, focusing and acquisition of the endothelial cell layer. It allows to easily evaluate cells density, standard deviation or pachymetry data by simply tapping on the large 10.4 inch touchscreen for better patient fl ow in your practice.


The right product for a complete endothelium analysis 

Quick & automatic endothelium cells analysis 

  • Visualize an optimal image with Wide photographic range of 0,27 x 0,54mm counting up to 300 cells. 
  • Usage versatility with Manual edition mode for a wide range of pathology in a comprehensive practice.
  • Follow up irregular cornea surface or even strong opacity thanks to the 7 fixation points.

Precise pre-surgery assessment 

  • Comprehensive visual understanding of the endothelial cell layer with color-coded graphic of pleomorphism and polymegathism histograms 
  • Built in Pachymetry to measure corneal thickness at central & peripheral points. 

User friendly to streamline your workflow 

  • Fast patient screening with autofocus, auto alignment and autoshoot allowing more accurate measurement.
  • Enhanced viewing experience with additional AnaEyes™ external viewer software.

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