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Wave Front Analyzer

Wave Analyzer Medica 700+

Automatic screening solution to streamline your practice

Fully automatic solution for complete anterior chamber analysis & vision need assessment


Optimized comprehensive eye wellness screening

  • Glaucoma screening with improved tonometry using fixation point & IOP value automatically corrected according to corneal thickness
  • Cristal lens opacity check for cataract screening
  • Keratoconus detection with Topography analyzing over 100 000 points on cornea
  • New measuring reliability indicators for secured screening

Complete patient’s vision simulation

  • Automated correlation between pupil diameter & objective refraction in different lighting conditions for precise need assessment
  • Easy-to-rely day/night simulation of patient’s vision with/without glasses to highlight myopic effect at night
  • Comprehensive summary of high order aberrations coefficients to highlight glare effect at night

An asset to streamline practice workflow

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