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mr blue tracer


Let automation be your virtual assistant. Mr Blue™ 2.0 integrates a wide range of fine settings while offering great performance.


Master your processes 

Mr Blue™ 2.0 is at the cutting edge of innovation – serving as a genuine ECP partner since its launch. Featuring the most advanced functions, it’s the perfect solution to enhance the value of your job and to ensure uncompromising quality. 

  • MrBlue™ 2.0 offers advanced optical tracing.
  • Automatic recognition of drill holes and axis even for sunglasslenses.
  • Automatic detection of the optical center and axis of single visionlenses.
  • Automatic centering and blocking for simple operation.
  • Modern interface with unrivalled ergonomics​.

– Completely integrated functions without external peripheral devices.

– Vertical architecture with “Heads-up display” for optimum comfort.

– Storage features ensure all accessories are within reach.

– Intelligent interface adapts to the way you work.

Perfect centering

  • Binocular 3-D tracing of full-rim frames up to base 91.
  • Automatic adjustment of centering data based on the frame’s 3-D parameters1.

1 Essilor patents and exclusives

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