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Vision-C 600


The vision-C 600 is a 24inch polarized LCD screen with a modern and stylish design. It integrates multiple high resolution charts developed specifically for visual testing, meeting all optometry standards.


Wide range of tests

  • Visual Acuity: Landolt C, Letters, Illiterate E, LogMar, Kids Optotypes.
  • Special Tests: Binocular & fusion, Stereopis, Strabismus, Aniseikonia, Red/Green, Phoria.
  • Other: Colour Vision, Random function, Contrast sensitivity, etc.

Ergonomic control

Fully integrated with the Essilor phoropter range for ease of use and automated refraction.


Quick and easy to customize the chart display.

Multiple set up options

Select your refraction distance between 3-8m with direct or mirror mode.

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