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Neksia range 650/600/550/500/400


With NeksiaTM, Essilor combines years of experience in high-performance and precision edging into one of the most user-friendly and productive systems in the world.


Work more easily

  • A touch of efficiency

The 8.4-inch color touch-screen display makes navigation a breeze.

  • Fast-access settings

You can define your finishing settings quickly, launch edging jobs in just a few clicks and adjust settings after the feeler measurement.

  • A user-friendly 1,000-position job database

Save precious time by easily accessing or storing complete jobs in the database, via the touch screen or optional barcode reader.

Experience workflow efficiency

  • Fast, easy and extended frame tracing

Thanks to the auto frame-type selection, simple clamping and rapid tracing cycles, you can trace any type of frame effortlessly.

  • Automatic drilling-hole recognition

Optional features dedicated to automatic detection of drilling holes and flat bevel shapes.

  • Convenient centering and blocking.

Achieve high performance

  • Improved axis accuracy
  • Best automatic cycles
  • Consistently intelligent chamfering

Various Feature configurations

  • Neksia 650: Grooving-Chamfering-Drilling. High Curve
  • Neksia 600: Grooving-Chamfering-Drilling
  • Neksia 550: Grooving-Chamfering. High Curve
  • Neksia 500: Grooving-Chamfering
  • Neksia 400: Beveling

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