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The AKR 800NV (Near Vision), autokerato-refractometer conducts fast and reliable objective refraction and keratometry.


Deliver reliable objective refraction with great user convenience 

  • Deliver fast refraction measurements in less than 20 seconds thanks to fully-automated alignment, focus and image capture. 
  • Rely on accurate measurements1 even for smaller pupils (Ø 2.0mm), with objective refraction enabling you to optimize subjective refraction assessment. 
  • Thanks to the device’s small footprint and 180° rotating and 40° tiltable screen, you will benefit from ease of installation and a flexible layout. 

Highlight your expertise with in-depth ocular assessment 

  • Strengthen your expertise and precision in contactology thanks to automatic peripheral keratometry and white-to-white measurement. 
  • Benefit from accurate corneal measurement to offer patients a more personalized service and prescriptions. 
  • Assess media opacity using retro-illumination imaging with LOCS III classification.

Guide patients with refraction in everyday life conditions

  • Assess variations in refraction between day and night light conditions through scotopic, mesopic and photopic environments. 
  • Evaluate near vision refraction status by measuring monocular accommodation from infinity to 20cm.  
  • Raise patient awareness of night vision and the natural evolution of accommodative capacity.
  • Better understand patient needs to guide them towards adapted solutions. 

1.Compliant EN ISO 10342 and EN ISO 10343 ​

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