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Vision-R 800


Essilor’s state-of-the-art phoropter reinvents subjective refraction and prescription, enabling a personalized prescription with a resolution 25 times higher. For the first time, the individual dioptric sensitivity of the patient(1) is accounted for.

This more precise and easier-to-perform refraction results in more accurate prescriptions for your patients – with the potential to maximize their vision performance(2).


With the Vision-RTM 800, you will benefit from Digital Infinite RefractionTM technology, thanks to the combination of:

  • a patented lens module that reinvents the refraction method by simultaneously controlling sphere, cylinder and axis
  • patented Smart Program algorithms that automatically change the phoropter lenses based on the patient’s response

Vision-RTM allows you to refract down to 0.01D and prescribe according to the sensitivity of the patient.

The Vision-RTM 800 provides a superior eye exam experience that is more efficient, more comfortable and less stressful than a traditional eye exam experience(3).
Patient-specific adjusted dioptric increments all along the refraction procedure, ending with the exact sensitivity of the patient, make each step relevant and easy to understand.

  1. Patient dioptric sensitivity: smallest dioptric step identifiable by the patient, calculated during the refraction protocol.
  2. Claim of vision superiority only with AVA™ lenses. Study: AVA™ in-Life Concept Use Test – Independent third party – France – 2021 – N=105.
  3. Study: AVA™ clinical evaluation of patients’ experience – third independent party – US – 2019-2020 – N=116.

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