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Vision-S 700


The Vision-S™ 700 refraction station is designed to meet the world’s growing demand for refraction due to lifestyle changes, intensive screen use and aging populations. It revolutionizes the refraction process, massively enhances the patient journey and has the potential to transform the retail organization.

Its utra compact design and immersive experience make it a game-changer, giving you the potential to increase refraction capacity dramatically.


The powerful state-of-the-art patented lens module and algorithms provide a rapid 3-minute refraction with proven accuracy. This liberates time for the ECP to develop the patient relationship and to showcase solutions.

  • A layered liquid lens combined with algorithms, allowing for vectorial refraction and a more direct procedure.
  • Smart Program recommendation feature takes into account the existing prescription, objective refraction and age for a more direct route to the result.
  • Reliable results limit comeback

Its ultra compact design frees up valuable floor space, enabling you to reinvent your practice in imaginative new ways.

  • Free up extra space to create additional refraction lanes or other income generating activities.
  • Develop a small store concept.
  • Create new opportunities such as pop-up or mobile stores to expand your coverage.

A unique immersive technology engages customers with a novel immersive experience, it plunges the patient into life-like scenes and transforms the refractive experience.

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