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Vision-R 700


Vision-RTM 700 phoropter obtains a fast refraction in only three minutes, while securing accuracy.


 With the Vision-RTM 700, you will benefit from Digital Infinite RefractionTM technology: with dedicated Smart Programs and algorithms, the Vision-RTM 700 phoropter controls accuracy by using smaller and larger increments of the continuous lens. A series of patient specific smart programs incorporating Digital Infinite RefractionTM  shorten the procedure and assist in calculating the best endpoint for the patient.

Automated Smart Tests assist the ECP when performing the refraction, making the phoropter truly user friendly.

Algorithms change the tests and calculate the dioptric power in reaction to the patient’s answers. The secure and guided procedure from start to finish ensures an accurate result.

The compact design, silent lens change, wider field of vision and final comparison provide an excellent patient experience during refraction and eliminate the feeling of failing a test.

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