Bring expertise and craftmanship to the forefront of the practice

From milling and grinding accuracy to quality of polishes  and speed of execution, we provide you with cutting-edge in-store finishing systems to master your edging and reveal your creativity.
Giving access to different levels of finishing, speed, automation and range of shapes, our easy-to-use finishing systems offer simple workflows and intuitive user interface to maximize efficiency and increase your productivity.
Designed to be networked, they also fit your organization and secure in-practice data exchange.


Provide best-in-class technologies for your workshop

As you are dedicated to provide the best products and services to your patients, Essilor Instruments is committed to develop the best in class technologies to secure accurate, aesthetic and perfectly fitted mounting. Our systems give access to different levels of finishing, speed, range of shapes and automatisms. They have been also designed to be networked to answer different workshop organizations and secure in-practice data exchange.


ES 800

Reveal your creativity

ES 700

Master your edging

Mr Blue 2.0

Give your talent the tools it deserves

Mr Blue Sun & Sport Edition

The right solution to expand your activity

Mr Orange

A perfectly balanced concentrate of technologies

Neksia range

Everything you need to race through your workloads

Delta range

All about simplicity

lab LINE

Pro-E 700

Get an edge over versatility

Pro-E 600

Edge ahead without compromise


Mr Blue tracer

Bring everything under control

Mr Orange tracer

Born to raise standards

Neksia tracer

Everything you need
to race through your workloads

Pro-B 300

Speed and accuracy
 to boost productivity 


The right choice

    for eye care professionals


The right choice
for eye care professionals