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ES 800


ESTM 800 is a compact and easy-to-use in-store finishing system. It is the perfect solution to demonstrate your craftsmanship and reveal your creativity. It includes TCBTM 800, the new Automatic TCB (Tracer-Centerer-Blocker)​.


  • Ultimate edging precision

Perfect tracing & centering

TCBTM 800 harmonizes frame base trajectory and adjusts centering data based on the 3-D parameters.

Fit 4 frame 2.0 technology2

Optimize bevel placement and shelf depth for safe mounting with a self-adjusting process. 

Fit 4 frame 2.0 technology2

-Diverse array of bevels.

-Accommodate various groove profiles.

-Modify the lens shape on 8 different points of its perimeter.

  • Superior user experience combined with comfortable heads-up display

– Elegant & compact design.

– Personalized interaction.

– Easy to play inferface.

  • Inspire customers with unique personalized eyewear styles1

With ESTM 800 and its M’EYE CUSTOMTM web app, take a leap forward in lens customization using M’EYE SIGNTM,M’EYE SHAPETM and M’EYE CLIPTM and M’EYE DIAMONDTM


– ES 800 : With real time control of cutting forces, the roughing cycle automatically adapts to the curves of lenses up to base 10.

– ES 800M : Eco-friendly dry cut technology

In Milling mode, cuts all lenses with a perfectly controlled result, thanks to it’s hybrid edging technology (Grinding + Milling).

1.Unique eyewear styles are made possible thanks to customization options such like lens engraving, creative shapes, clip-ons, and crystal pavement insertion.
2.Essilor Instruments gives its utmost importance to develop innovation and protect it with the appropriate patent filing.​

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