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Pro-E 600

Edge ahead without compromise

Are you managing high volumes and looking to move your productivity up a gear? Essilor has designed an innovative high-volume edger that offers compactness and productivity, without any compromise. The Pro-E™ 600 edger combines the highest level of precision and versatility with robustness and speed. It offers an easy and cost-effective integration into any lab configuration.


Pro-E™ 600 edger: the smart and unique solution for every forward–thinking lab manager.

  • Boost your productivity: specially designed for volumes, Pro-E™ 600 edger raises the productivity standards of its category using whole new processes in all its cycles. It combines value for money with high volumes of quality mountings
  • Versatility: do it all-even the most complex jobs
  • Precision: this edger meets the highest market standards in top-end precision, optimizing right-first-time rapid results in faultless sizing, axis control and aesthetic mountings.
  • Integrate quickly, use instantly: this compact edger fits right into every lab. It sits on the tabletop and requires no vacuum or compressed air, meaning no extra investment.
  • Robustness and easy maintenance: Long-life components and fast maintenance procedures maximize the edger’s up-time, making Pro-E™ 600 edger a smart investment for all volume labs.


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