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Delta range 300/200/100


All your workshop​ concentrated in​ this all-in-one station.


The compact edging system that reinvents simplicity for you

  • Profit from a compact, high-performance system that covers all the essentials

       – Tracing of all types of lenses including demo lenses, re-cut lenses – compatible with all tints and power lenses.
       – Centering and blocking of all kind of corrective lenses including re-cut lenses.
       – Edging of all types of materials up to base 6 including hydrophobic lenses.

  • No compromise on the aesthetic results

       – Advanced bevel and grooving placement features with the ideal bevel position.
       – Automatic setting of the grooving / drilling angle according to the lens curve up to 15°.

Work with more comfort, speed, precision and versatility

  • Manage all tasks using an all-in one high-performance display

All functions traditionally performed by 2 or 3 instruments (Tracer, Center/Blocker, Edger) are now on one single display that provides two comfortable ergonomic improvements:

      – Natural posture reducing muscular stress.
      – No need to move from one piece of equipment to another.

  • Boost your productivity

The smart parallel workflow allows the preparation of several jobs​ while edging and without any restriction.

Levels of configurations

  • Delta 300: Grooving-Chamfering-Drilling
  • Delta 200: Grooving-Chamfering
  • Delta 100: Beveling

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