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ALM 800


This next-generation ALM 800 lensmeter measures lenses, the blue-violet* light filtering and the blue-turquoise light transmission. 


A unique combination of the latest technologies

Unique quantification & display of blue light

An exclusive LED system that measures blue light, including: 

  • The transmission of circadian blue-turquoise light.
  • The percentage of blue-violet light and UV that is filtered.

UV transmission

  • The measurement of UV filtering requires no additional manipulation.
  • Measurement of lens power and UV filtering are simultaneously carried out and displayed on the main screen.

Ergonomic use

  • Simple handling.
  • Reactive and intuitive touch screen interface.
  • Adjustable screen position.
  • Auto Lens Recognition.
  • Lens support adapted to all lenses and frame base curves. 

Interpupillar distance

  • The ALM 800 measures interpupillary distance (½ and full).
  • An exclusive design featuring two nose supports makes operations simple, efficient and comfortable. 

Guided and automated prism marking

  • Pre-entered prism value allows an easy centering of the lenses.

Data transfer

  • ALM transfer the data to your automatic phoropter or Patient Management Software (PMS).

*Blue-violet light is between 400 and 455nm as stated by ISOTR20772:2018.

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