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Retina 400


Retina 400 is the ideal solution for high-quality retinal imaging. It benefits from a software with automated operations. This flexible and user-friendly non-mydriatic retinal camera can be adapted to all types of practice set-up and will ensure the comfort of your patients.


Large and high-definition images

  • A wide field of vision of 60°x45° and 5 mega pixel sensor

Patient comfort guaranteed

  • Retina 400 adapts to even the smallest pupils to a diameter of 2.2mm
  • Its LED flash produces a diffused light that reduces eye strain

Simple imaging and automated software operations

  • Different screen indicators simplify focusing, aligning and imaging.

The intuitive interface of the ANAEYES software facilitates a quick start and easy navigation. It includes:
         – Automatic calculation of the Cup-to-Disk ratio
         – Automatic image split according to different filters
         – Automatic combination of images in mosaic format

A flexible solution for all types of practice set-up

  • The ANAEYES system allows you to organize imaging, processing and analysis any way you want. You can connect the Retina 400 up to two additional work stations
  • Imaging and analysis of results can be performed on site or remotely


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