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Pro-E 700


The PRO-ETM 700 is an innovative high-volume edger that offers compactness and productivity. It combines top-end precision and extended versatility with robustness and speed.​


Boost your productivity

PRO-ETM 700 700 edger is specifically designed for volumes. It raises the productivity standards of its category using whole new processes in​ all its cycles. This combines value for money with high volumes of quality mountings.

Enhance your versatility

Generate additional revenues thanks to advanced features such as Step Bevel, Half Jacket frames, Safety frames and High Curve frames, creative shapes and lens engraving as well as innovative Chemistrie clip. 

Maintain with ease

  • Long life components and fast maintenance procedures maximize the PRO-ETM 700 edger up-time, making it a smart investment for all volume labs
  • Telemaintenanceenables to update, diagnose, tune settings remotely.

High precision

PRO-ETM 700 edger meets the highest market standards in top-end​ precision, optimizing right-first-time rapid results in faultless sizing, axis​ control and aesthetic mountings.

Integrate quickly, use instantly

PRO-ETM 700  sits on the table top and requires no vacuum or compressed air, meaning no extra investment. It interfaces easily with laboratory management software (ISO 16284), and is connectable to Essilor tracer-blockers and Essibox®.

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