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Retina 800


Optimized and innovative workflow with unique optical design and friendly user interface. Helps Eyecare Professionals to easily screen patients and open doors to remote diagnostic


Next generation automated fundus camera

Robotic high quality retinal imaging

  • Fully automated: auto focus and auto capture without human or mechanical intervention
  • Fast imaging: captures 45° field-of-view angle images in a few seconds at the press of a button

Optimal image quality at your fingertips

  • Clear and true color: vessels, veins, arteries, crossing vessels, RNFLs, and optic disc are clearly captured in true color
  • 90° Mosaic imaging made easy: peripheral internal fixation target accessible from the tablet screen

Efficient retinal pathologies screening

Task delegation solution for all practice set ups

  • Multilevel account access by personal user: records and summarizes the patient results and allows analysis elsewhere in the practice by direct connection to DICOM server
  • Remote diagnostic and teleconsultation: secured data transmission for remote analysis by licensed specialist
  • Automatic PDF patient report generated with practitioner notes and pathology education content

Innovative and unique optical design

Allows comfortable positioning and optimized image acquisition


Vision-R 700

Fast and secured refraction

Cornea 550

Specially designed for contact lens fitting and dry eye analysis

ATNC 550

Comfortable and precise tonometry combining IOP measurement with CCT* data