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Myopia Expert 700

The Myopia Expert™ 700 optical biometer provides a fast and accurate solution for measuring axial length and corneal topography


The Myopia Expert™ provides axial length, k-readings, corneal topography, white-to-white measurement and pupillometry

Axial length for accurate and easy monitoring

  • Storage and overviews of historic ocular data properties for easy observation of changes over time, which is especially useful for Myopia

Build trust, reveal meaningful myopia management results

  • Easy to use and fully automated, the Myopia Expert™ 700 integrates seamlessly into your practice and allows you to get an early start on the myopia management conversation with young patients and their parents

Complete set of measurements for all myopia solutions

  • Its main applications:
    – Corneal topography for diagnostic purposes
    – Fluorescence imaging for contact lens fitting
    – Pupil measurements


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