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Visio Smart

Seeing the world your way

To design a new visual screening solution that meets your expectations perfectly, Essilor engineers met with doctors and studied their latest requirements. VISIOSMART puts next generation, fully digital, visual screening technology at your fingertips to enable you to perform and assess all types of examinations on a user-friendly interface.


  • Efficiency: With VISIOSMART, tests are instantly displayed and transition seamlessly to optimise your workflow and productivity. The user-friendly VISIOSMART interface is so intuitive that it is sure to save you time, especially thanks to its four pre-programmed test protocols.
  • Precision: VISIOSMART is ergonomically designed to ensure the patient adopts the best posture, and has a mask that is suitable for everyone. In addition, it provides a constant and uniform luminance level in accordance with the relevant standards. With VISIOSMART the test environment and conditions are optimally controlled for reliable and accurate eye examinations.
  • Opportunities: Export test results to the patient’s records at the click of a button, thanks to the integrated interface.

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